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Chyle Beaird, M.D.

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Dr. Chyle Beaird is a board-certified physician who offers Well Women Exams to residents who in or near Lake Forest, California. The staff at Total Body HealthCare specializes in preventative health care exams for both men and women.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What is Included in a Well Woman Exam?

A Well Woman Exam includes several preventative screenings and a thorough physical examination. The preventative screenings often included in this type of exam are mammograms, pap smears, and blood screenings to determine if a pregnancy is present. A Well Woman Exam is often the term given to the type of examination performed by an OB/GYN doctor. It normally involves checking all aspects of a woman's reproductive system. This includes palpating the abdomen to uncover the presence of any fibroid tumors that may be affecting the reproductive organs. A pelvic examination is also performed to evaluate the health of the cervix.

How Often Should a Woman Have an Examination?

Well Woman Examinations should be performed once a year. Yearly examinations can prevent chronic illness and disease from creeping up on a person and causing health problems that may have otherwise been preventable. Doctors recommend yearly physical examinations for several reasons. Not only can they find potential health problems while they are in the earliest stages, but it also allows the doctor to prescribe preventative screenings that should be performed on a yearly basis. Most doctors agree that annual physicals, whether they are Well Woman Exams or simply a yearly health checkup, play an important role in maintaining good health and well-being.

Is Early Detection Important?

Early detection, especially concerning chronic health conditions and certain types of cancer, can save a person's life. Finding a health condition in its earliest stages allows the doctor to choose from a wider selection of treatment options. As a health condition progresses, the number of treatment options will begin to gradually get smaller. Starting treatment early while the body is still strong and otherwise healthy, allows for a more complete healing. It also allows for the body to take an active role in helping to eliminate the potential health problem. When health conditions are found after reaching an advanced state, the only option left for doctors may be to treat the symptoms and help manage the disease to improve the patient's quality of life.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Total Body HealthCare works with a variety of insurances. If you have any questions, please call our office and one of our knowledgable staff members would be happy to help.

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