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Chyle Beaird, M.D.

Family Medicine located in Lake Forest, CA

Dr. Chyle Beaird and the staff of Total Body HealthCare specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and related health conditions. The doctor serves patients who live in the Lake Forest area of California.

Diabetes Q & A

What is the Connection Between Diabetes and Exercise?

The connection between exercise and diabetes is quite simple. Exercise burns glucose for fuel. Diabetes is a health condition that is caused by an increase of glucose in the blood due to the body not being able to utilize the insulin it produces or not producing enough insulin. When a person exercises and glucose is used for fuel, its levels within the bloodstream are significantly reduced eliminating the need for additional insulin. Individuals who exercise on a regular basis may be able to control the amount of glucose in the blood without having to supplement additional insulin. If supplementation is needed, taking it in oral form and eating a healthy diet may be all that is needed to keep the blood glucose at normal levels.

What Happens if Diabetes is not Treated?

If diabetes goes untreated, the body can experience several types of health crises. One of the most damaging has to do with diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy occurs when blood glucose levels fluctuate to the point where they begin to damage the peripheral nerves throughout the body. This damage is partially due to the exposure to glucose, but it also has to do with the circulatory system being compromised. Over time, the lack of oxygenated blood and the damage to the nerves may result in the need to amputate a part of the body that has become adversely affected. If blood sugar levels rise or drop to dangerous levels, the person may go into diabetic shock or a coma. Both conditions are extremely serious and can result in death.

What are the Initial Signs of Diabetes?

If a person has a family history of diabetes, it is important they know what signs to look for when it comes to diabetes and conditions related to it. Unquenchable thirst, an increase in the frequency of urination, shaking, dizziness, headaches, and changes in vision are just a few of the warning signs of diabetes. If an individual has several close relatives who have been diagnosed with diabetes, they should be checked on a regular basis. Positive lifestyle habits such as avoiding excessive amounts of sugar and eating heart healthy foods will help to control blood sugar levels naturally. Regular exercise, adequate amounts of sleep, and eliminating tobacco and alcohol are also extremely beneficial.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Total Body HealthCare works with a variety of insurances. If you have any questions, please call our office and one of our knowledgable staff members would be happy to help.

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