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Chyle Beaird, M.D.

Family Medicine located in Lake Forest, CA

Dr. Chyle Beaird is a board-certified family physician who specializes in the treatment of allergies and other upper respiratory health conditions. At Total Body HealthCare, the doctor and his staff offer their services to patients who live in or near the Lake Forest, California area.

Allergies Q & A

Are There Different Types of Allergies?

There are different types of allergies a person may have to receive treatment for. Upper respiratory allergies like hay fever are the most common. Food allergies are caused by adverse reactions to certain foods. This can result in severe stomach reactions, constipation, diarrhea, and, in some cases, rashes on the skin. Skin allergies occur when the skin is exposed to allergens and irritants that result in a rash, lesion, hives, or welts. Allergies may not be able to be cured, but their symptoms can be effectively treated. The allergies may be able to be controlled through the use of immunotherapy or a series of allergy shots that are given a regularly scheduled basis.

How Does Immunotherapy Work?

Immunotherapy is a program of regularly scheduled allergy shots that are given to a patient who suffers from allergies. The purpose of each injection is to introduce to the body a formula that contains antigens. An antigen is the substance or object that a person is allergic too. The injections are used to repeatedly expose the body to the allergen in ever increasing amounts so that the body begins to produce antibodies that will help them become more immune to the effects of the irritant. Over time, it is expected that the body will begin to build up a tolerance for the items it is allergic to, and the symptoms will begin to disappear.

Can a Person Outgrow an Allergy?

Children who are diagnosed with allergies, especially upper respiratory allergies like hay fever, may eventually outgrow their allergy symptoms as they get older. While older people may not necessarily outgrow their allergies, they may come to find that the symptoms are not severe as they continue to age. Individuals who receive immunotherapy on a regular basis may discover that their symptoms gradually reduce as they continue to receive the shots. Over time, the allergy shots may allow a person to build up enough of the antibodies needed so that they no longer require further treatment.

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