"We Specialize In You!"

Our Services

Welcome to the Total Body HealthCare, Inc.. We put your family’s health and well being first.  We are not that far from you if you live or work in the South Orange County Area, along the 5 Freeway, the 73 Corridor, or in the Laguna Hills area.  Please call our office if you're looking for COVID-19 Testing; a new Primary Care Physician; would like a health and wellness consultation; a second opinion; if you're finally ready to take charge of your health!  However, don’t worry if you don’t live near us.  The majority of our information and services are available on this website.

We provide the latest healthcare information for families like yours. We strive to offer the best advice and most current news to keep your family as healthy and safe as possible.

The following is a partial list of services we provide:

* Physical Exams

* Well Woman Exams

* Sports Physicals

* COVID-19 Testing

* General Dermatology

   * Acne Management

   * Psoriasis

   * Dermatitis - Rashes

   * Cellulitis - Skin Infections

   * Skin Cancer Surveillance and Diagnosed

* Family Medicine Management - Management of Common Conditions

   * Asthma

   * Cholesterol Elevation

   * Diabetes

   * High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

   * Thyroid Disease

   * Bronchitis

   * COPD/Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

   * Sinus Infections

   * Allergies/Allergic Rhinitis

   * UTIs/Urinary Tract Infections

   * GERD/Reflux Disease

   * Gastritis

   * Anemia

   * B12 Deficiency

   * Testosterone Deficiency

   * Vitamin D Deficiency

   * Depression

   * Migraine Headaches

   * Vertigo

* Occupational Medicine - Work Related Injuries Diagnosed and Managed

   * Neck Pain

   * Back Pain

   * Wrist Pain

   * Shoulder Pain

   * Knee Pain

   * Ankle Pain

   * Headaches

   * Minor Lacerations/Cuts